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  1. Custom Web Development
    Powerful websites that get you noticed. We start with a few questions to understand your goals. We create a plan of action for delivering the best possible online experience for your users. We take care of the details. Most importantly, we stick to our established timeline and your budget.
  2. Search Engine Optimization
    The art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is constantly changing; I can help you achieve better rankings. If anyone tells you they can get you #1, they are lying to you. We have successfully gotten top rankings for clients. Let me see where we can get you ranked!
  3. Reputation Management
    What do people see when they search for your business online? It’s a jungle out there. In addition to cleaning up negative reviews, online reputation management helps establish a solid online presence, making businesses less vulnerable to negative feedback.
  4. Social Media
    Let us grow your online community. Social media requires passion and commitment. We’ll take over content generation and user engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+, so you can stick with what you do best: running your business.
  5. Writing Services
    We can create custom content for our clients. We do independent research to gain a better understanding of your business. Then we interview you to enable us to write content tailored for your business.
  6. Updates
    Need a refreshed and new appeal? We can give you that new look and appeal that you have been waiting for. Whether you have 3 pages or 30 pages we do it all!
  7. Blogs
    In addition to making choices about choosing the colour, fonts, elements, layout and the design elements that really make your site unique, don’t forget about your blog. It can be challenging to come up with snappy headlines and useful content to engage your readers...
  8. Research
    No matter what information you are looking me let us help you get the most accurate available on the web.
  9. Logo Design
    A logo tells customers who you are, what you offer, and what makes you unique. An effective logo is a crucial part of website design – which is why we offer an evaluation of your existing logo as part of your design package. We can offer identity design for a single...
  10. Responsive Design
    Enabling you to optimize your business for both desktop, mobile and anything in between with a single website.
  11. Hosting and Domain
    No domain? Let us help you with that! We offer an extremely affordable hosting package either monthly or yearly.
  12. Slide Shows & More
    Creating and sharing visual moments in beautiful and creative ways. Let us turn your photos and videos into stunning creations, with or without music. How can we help?